FBD Candle Filters Anti-static


Shamsi Pakistan's manufactured FBD Filter Bags. Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD) is used under the system of Heat transfer by forced convection, it is applicable when your input is in granular or in crystal form, and your end product is in powder form Our FBD Filter give you the excellent output from your FBD machine

The filters are available in both conductive & Anti-Static forms, which are as under:

  • FBD / Candle Filters available from 50 KG to 500 KG
  • Glatt Round (150 KGs)
  • Xialoun / FBD Filter “D” type (450 KGs)
  • Aeromatic Filters (200 KGs)
  • Vacuum Filters

  • Height 5 to 20 Inches
  • Dia 4 to 6 Inches

  • Dust Collectors (Non-Conductive / Washable) (5 to 20 Pockets)